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The Sunken Garden

At the far end of the Grotto is an area known as the Sunken Garden. Having been derelict for many years and in ruin with the shrines in that area closed for almost 50 years, in 2015 a great amount of work was done to refurbish the garden and bring this area of the Grotto back to life.


One of the shrines in the Sunken Garden known as the Holy House of Nazareth was reopened after being closed for over 50 years. A new chapel was created in the garden which is dedicated to the Divine Mercy and another old shrine which is found at the top of the garden was refurbished and reopened as the Tomb of the Lord. 


A number of new statues have also been placed in the alcoves around the garden. Statues of St Joseph, St Anthony, St Francis of Assisi and Sts Peter and Paul can now be found in this area.


Visitors can access the Sunken Garden via the pathway to the left of the Fatima Shrine.

The Seven Sorrows of Mary, renovated in 2016

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